Thursday, June 5, 2008

Windward Portlets in the Clouds

I just finished uploading the latest image of Liferay 5.0.2 to our new prototype website that contains two new portlets that I just completed in addition to the hundred-plus already in Liferay. Touchpoint portlets allow me to build and host community web sites with embedded Net Promoter data capture at various touch points with its users. When community members answer one of the Touchpoint questions (on a scale of 0-10 of course) their score and comments are saved in the database. The comments are also posted automatically to one of three message boards, depending upon their classification as a promoter, detractor or neutral respondent.

The other new portlet is a Touchpoint Admin portlet that lets community administrators create new questions and monitor their results using tabular and charting formats. Of course, this is a baby step into the Net Promoter world. Any reasonably large community would generate a huge volume of messages and so my next project will be to work on a text analytics portlet to allow these comments to be filtered and organized in meaningful ways. This will draw me back into Mahout, where I'm exposed to some pretty heavy hitters in this field.

Of course, my site is also Hadoop-enabled. I have not yet figured out how to utilize cloud computing clusters for this task but I'm working on it. Maybe I'll build a portlet to administer my cloud first.

Oh, I'm not quite ready to go live with the new site, so stay tuned to Windward's current site for news.

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